The Territory

It 'a welcome them joy in the green heart of Umbria and you will be embraced by our parks, nature, history, from its art. The territory is full of appointments and events that animate the city of Umbria throughout the year: festivals, exhibitions and the performing arts and cultural chosen for their national or international importance with their historical significance and drama.


One of the biggest events of Italian Jazz, the Jazz Umnria born in 1973.
The summer edition (ten days in mid-July) is held in the city of Perugia, while the winter edition (five days and new years) at Orvieto.
Among the singers who participated are Sting, Santana, Eric Clapton, BB King and many others.


Each year, the nearby town of Perugia hosts an event exclusively focused on the theme of chocolate.
The city is filled with "soft events" and the streets are home to stands of exhibitors and producers from around the world.
The schedule varies and must be 'consulted on the official website.


Traditional festival which is lost in time, to refer to pagan customs that celebrated with various rituals, but all marked by the joy, the return of spring and the renewal of the life cycle. Events were born from the feeling of the ancient Umbrian people.
The event is held in Assisi every year in May.


Suggestive historical re-enactment of knightly tournaments that were held in the nearby town of Foligno, the Roman Empire. In Quintana peiodi the city of Foligno is divided into 10 areas called Wards and within their "taverns" you can enjoy traditional dishes and local wines.
Generally the challenge is held each Saturday in June, with an issue at night, and the rematch on Sunday afternoon in September with an issue.


Recently, conversion is the "cultural hub" of the adjacent town of Assisi.
It has a capacity of about 1000 seats and has a thriving theater season of events.


Berlin exhibition center, hosting major events in the fields of agriculture, antiques, machinery for the food, construction and electronics.

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